Exiled: The God Stone Trilogy
by Joaquin Lopez
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"’I promise that if we lose here I will find you and put you on the throne. Let the gods be my witness. I swear it.’"

The God Stone Sword is a gift from the gods only given to an exceptional human who is truly worthy. The last warrior who wielded it lost that right as his heart wasn’t truly given to the gods. It has been lost to mankind for thousands of years.

Jack’s mother is one of the queen’s handmaids; as part of the staff, Jack can roam the castle and make friends with Linnie, the King’s daughter. It’s a good life, but it won’t last. The army of the Independent City is marching on the kingdom. It is led by the hot-blooded Ariel and her wizard, Boris. Linnie flees to the North by the King’s order, but Jack stays behind. He watches as Ariel’s forces take the palace and kill the rulers and all their council. However, when everyone else kneels to their new queen, Jack refuses. Rather than kill him, Boris convinces Ariel to banish him to the Crystal Desert, a fate worse than death.

This first book of Lopez’s trilogy follows Jack from boyhood into manhood, watching him become the type of warrior with the skills needed to keep promises. Despite several grammatical errors, the writing is fast-paced and exciting. Jack’s life with Anjie and the tribes of the Rumalian plains is a great backdrop for this coming-of-age story. Jack’s growth as a warrior and leader builds him into the kind of man readers can look up to and who, it is hoped, may one day return and challenge Queen Ariel. This story will appeal to many fantasy fans and leave them ready to read the next installment.

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