Fantasies Unleashed
by C.W. Mane
Trafford Publishing

"I will push your buttons to see if you will push back, and if so, how hard. I need you to be aggressive. Are you man enough to take the challenge?"

The author introduces the reader to the dark, sensual world of dominance and submission through her tantalizing, erotic short stories. This book is not just ordinary erotica. Set in the world of sexual "slaves" and their "masters," Mane spins stories that provoke, disturb, please, and arouse the reader. The stories are set in a variety of everyday settings, and the author also writes poetry which addresses about this liberating side of sexuality. The heroines in these stories may be bound or spanked, depending on their "master's" wishes. There is the woman in the story called "Truck Driver," who receives more than just a repair of her car when a truck driver stops by to help her out. There is the couple having fun in the "Horseback Ride" when they decide to take a break and have a sexy picnic by the beach. There is the testimonial of a woman in "To Be Controlled" in which she talks about what it's like to be dominated in sex, both physically and emotionally.

The book's cover features a sultry scene with a comfortable bed, and on the bedpost is hanging a whip and a collar with a leash—a promise of things to come. The author's prose flows well and intrigues the reader, which makes up for the lack of punctuation scattered throughout the book. A good book for lovers of erotica, dark sexual desires, and erotic fantasies.

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