Finance Your Own Business: Get on the Financing Fast Track
by Garrett Sutton, Esq., Gerri Detweiler
Success DNA

"In the case of entrepreneurs, what doesn't kill your business can make it stronger."

Prospective entrepreneurs and seasoned start-up veterans alike can benefit from the smart financing strategies detailed here. The authors cover all the basics you might expect from a business how-to book, including SBA loans and microloans. But they also go the extra mile to offer guidance on designing a suitable business structure, avoiding common scams, and remaining in compliance with applicable regulations. Plus, unlike classic business guides, this book was written with an eye toward the latest technologies and trends.

For example, one section of the authors' work explains the basics of crowdfunding. The authors have a knack for explaining crowdfunding in such a way that even the novice entrepreneur can instantly grasp the fundamentals. Particularly helpful is the integrative approach used. The section on crowdfunding, for instance, not only provides an overview of starting a crowdfunding campaign, but also explains the securities law compliance implications for raising capital this way.

Entrepreneurs would be well advised to read this book before developing business plans. It covers all the main steps necessary to get a company off to a solid start, plus how to keep it operating in good financial health. The authors offer food for thought in the form of case studies peppered throughout the book. These include both real and fictitious case studies, such as the story of Cathy, who needed a loan to keep her business afloat. Since her credit was poor, she called a toll-free number that supposedly belonged to a licensed loan broker. However, several hundred dollars in nonrefundable fees later, Cathy learned that she did not in fact qualify for a loan and that the "licensed loan broker" probably was not actually a broker at all. Cathy's story is concluded by explanations of some of the most common scams that business owners need to watch out for. In short, this book is packed with actionable information and is written in a highly readable, personable manner.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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