Finding My Molly
by Peggy Krause

"His name was Soupy and he was the most handsome cat in the whole world. Soupy knew he was the most handsome cat in the world because his owner, little Molly Taylor, told him this every day, and Soupy knew his Molly would NEVER lie to him."

What is the worst that could possibly happen when your housecat steps outside for the very first time? As Peggy Krause tells us in Finding My Molly, there are plenty of mishaps waiting. This story follows Soupy, a bright but sheltered tabby that ventures outside one day only to be chased by dogs, get lost in the forest, and find himself as the foster father for a stray raccoon. But none of these roadblocks can keep him from searching for "his Molly," the little girl who owns him, and is "the most beautimous human-kitten in the world."

Finding My Molly is great for young readers who are making the transition between being read to and reading for themselves. The story is broken into short, easily tackled chapters, and Krause uses a perfect blend of familiar and new words to add a little challenge for slightly older readers. The book uses the animal stars to teach little safety lessons, but the cat perspective—the drama, turns of fortune, and heartfelt concerns of this special feline—is irresistible, and the message of conscientious involvement in immediate social issues is appropriate for the upcoming generation. Finding My Molly is even on the National Humane Education Society's recommended reading list. All this mixed with a lighthearted story and a sweet, witty style, makes it a hit.

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