Finding Peace in Midst of the Storm
by Felicia Scott
Xlibris US

"Press on through disappointments
For your work is not finished yet."

In personal, honest verses, this collection delights and praises, confesses and admits doubt. As it details life's lows and highs in observations of relationships, mental health, emotional stability, and one person's journey to spiritual comfort, Scott's book asks readers to pause and consider their own spiritual state in a world rife with confusion, violence, and temptation. Readers will also find psalm-like poems that bring peace and calm to those filled with anxiety, acting as a calm hand to fevered states of depression. Other poems ask readers to become selfless in an overtly selfish world, all the while praising God for the miracle of everyday existence.

Those seeking a faith-filled testimony will naturally gravitate to poems like "Instructions for Life" and "Standing on God's Promises," which wax reminiscent of beloved hymns sung on a clear Sunday morning. Readers traveling through tumultuous storms will find hope and assurance in "Things that Hurt" and "Trapped," while "God's Grace" and "My Hope" remind the faithful that power lies in the simple act of forgiveness. This collection makes the perfect gift at any time of the year for poetry lovers who need a devotional, meditative experience.

For the faithful, this collection becomes the ideal Bible study or daily prayer accompaniment. For those just beginning their walk in the Christian faith, it acts as a guidebook for how to navigate the unexpected, the trivial that grows overwhelming, and the places where God doesn't seem to enter while reminding readers that His promise to never leave them is unwavering.

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