"Is no one safe in America? We are born free. But we cannot be safe unless we are free to fight for it."

The cottage industry of politically divisive books has expanded at a staggering rate in the past few years. Booklists and shelves are awash with highly partisan opinion pieces written by radio entertainers that only seek to alienate readers. The desire for national unity and a common purpose is something that most Americans have a marrow-deep longing for and what this fine book is all about. This book showcases all the many causes that are responsible for this current climate of national discontent. These range from hostile opposing parties to foreign interference, with all of them leading to a situation where our country's needs are outstripping our political will and abilities. Yet this book does not seek to merely diagnose the problem. It also creates a roadmap forward for the average reader.

It is profoundly refreshing to see a noted political scientist and practitioner provide such an engaging and uplifting book. Cheshire's work provides a comprehensive insight into the political process and how ordinary people can become involved. This book is targeted not only for every family's political junkie but also for students and professionals in the realm of public policy and political theory. It is a book laser-focused on the stakes associated with inaction and the challenges that are attached to activism. Unlike most other offerings out there, this book presents comprehensive case studies that appeal to informed, like-minded political enthusiasts, members of the baby boomer generation, and even younger readers. This book attempts to be a colorful and engaging introduction to politics and public affairs. It is truthful and passionate about many American ideals and shines a light on the injustice of our times and the league of half-truths that stifle progress.

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