Fitness By Greg - You Are A Work In Progress...
For The Rest of Your Life!
by Greg Greene Trafford Publishing

"This book is about lifestyle and lifetime change. You don't acquire good health and a fit body. Instead you have to cultivate them, and that takes a lifetime."

Personal fitness trainer Greg Greene has a simple formula for achieving optimal health and fitness—"Muscle use and resistance + Rest + Nutrition = Physical Change." This transforming equation is at the center of Greene's succinct, compact guide, written in the interest of helping others realize their own personal best. Greene's approach is a far cry from traditional self-help books proclaiming the latest diet, weight loss, or exercise fad. Instead the author gives readers a mindful and philosophical exchange, focusing on the "whys" of body conscious fitness. Greene's writing is a smart, common sense revelation of self improvement. He stresses that an individual's mental outlook must change in order for a consistent physical transformation to occur. "While your muscles do the exercise movements, your mind is really key to your physical change."

While Greene's book is a quick read with elements of repetition, this seems purposeful with the intent of driving points home. The reader will come away realizing that short term, or even long term goals are not enough. Exercise, nutrition, and rest must become ingrained as daily habits. Here, the everyday journey is clearly more important than the destination and serves to keep us moving forward.

Greene's youthful appearance in the cover photo collage belies his sixty years. A cartoon sketch of Greene as a world-class body builder also lends a touch of humor as he confesses a lifelong desire to have a Superman physique—a motivational image that pushes his performance. A body builder's discipline seems an insightful correlation for any individual seeking self improvement and empowerment.

Greene's manual is a sharing of knowledge and wisdom. Above all it is an affirmation of the concept that as long as we live and breathe, we are each a work in progress and we possess the ability for positive change. Truly a thought-provoking and valuable declaration for us all.

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