Flashback from Hell: How Evil Can You Be?
by Angel in Disguise

"It is your life and God is the only one, to give and take it away."

An immigrant recounts her first harrowing years in the United States and what she learned from them. When the government in her native land (she does not give its name) was in extreme disarray, she was brought by her father to America, where he chose to settle in a barren, desert town in California that had little to offer compared to the vibrant culture of her birthplace. The author, who had been studying for a teaching degree back home, met a man who wanted to marry her and take her to Ohio. Once there, she soon regretted her decision. Her husband was neglectful, unfaithful, dictatorial, and violent, often beating her. She was able to scrape by based on her high intelligence that brought jobs and promotions. Finally, to protect herself and the son who had become the center of her life, she returned to the West, finding her profession teaching blind students, one of whom eventually became her loving spouse.

The author’s story is short but powerful, told in vivid episodes that demonstrate her sincere passion for storytelling. She clearly believes she has a mission to share her experiences in hopes of helping women trapped in abusive relationships. A brief afterword is directed at “women that think that they don’t have a choice.” Her use of a pen name illustrates her continued protectiveness of her son and herself. Procuring a diver’s license after only two hours of driving instruction and obtaining several jobs requiring the use of complex machinery that she seemed to be able to figure out remarkably quickly are indicators that she will continue to move upward and be a helpful guide and example to her fellow immigrants. Her simple, straightforward determination to survive offers hope to anyone coping with difficult, potentially dangerous circumstances.

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