The Flying-Fur Bus
by Ylia Wagner
Trafford Publishing

"I'll teach you a lesson you won’t forget soon."

The theme of this rhyming story is epitomized in the quote above. Author Yulia Wagner wants to be sure that all kitty cat owners are aware that if their precious kitties aren't treated right they will leave on the Flying-Fur Bus and find a life that they like better than the one being provided for them on this planet. So watch out or else they are taking a Flying-Fur bus to the planet Felinus.

The illustrations are whimsical and pretty in pastels. The image of the cats sitting on their roofs longing for a happier life portrays all cats as melancholy. Once they finally see the "fur bus come" flying by to snag them up they look excited and grab on. The reader gets to see the dream life of a cat, with many different types of kitties sitting on a beach sipping a margarita with a fish tail in it! Some of them stay while the others who have owners who wait on them hand and foot return home.

There is a warning throughout the book that is slightly disturbing and would worry some children who happen to have a cat or any pet. The point is driven home on the last page with a picture of a small child staring out the window watching his cat leave for good. A funny yet somewhat strange little story for children to be sure to treat their animals with care.

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