Fourmi the Ant
by Akshita Kakumanu

"I crawled through the underground passageways and back to my room to get some rest hoping to pass all my tests."

Fourmi is a shy, scared, little ant who isn’t sure he has what it takes to become an adult. He believes he is not a normal ant. In order to become an adult, Fourmi must pass a series of tests: How to Escape Humans, Digging, and Carrying Big Things. But these are tests he has failed once already, and this is his last chance. If he fails again, he will be banished to the grass forever and never become a working adult ant. While he is unsure he has what it takes, Fourmi is determined to study hard and be prepared for whatever may come. However, he receives very little help from his family, especially his sister Formica. This book takes the reader along on Fourmi’s journey to become a strong adult and live out his dream. But, what if he doesn’t make it? Will he be banished to the grass forever and never truly grow up?

Kakumanu has a unique vision for the tasks of an ant on its way to adulthood. The concept behind the book is good, but its effectiveness would be enhanced through some editing. A positive and fun feature within the book, though, is that several of the characters have names that actually mean ant in other languages (e.g. Fourmi means ant in French, Hormiga means ant in Spanish, and so forth). The use of well-designed illustrations should easily engage the story’s young readers. The language used will most suit older children readers or those listening to adults read to them. This young author shows great potential.

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