Freddy and Mrs. Goodwich
by Adena Trevor

"Freddy looked out the window and saw a most peculiar sight. Just above his house he saw a little woman dressed in an orange and purple dress and a green pointed hat with a gold tassel, riding on a broomstick going round in circles just above his house and coming lower and lower until she landed with a plop right at his door. The little woman opened the door and said 'Do I smell pancakes?'"

Freddy loves pancakes. He also knows how to make them and make them well. So well, in fact, it captures the attention of the peculiar, little woman with a broomstick, Mrs Goodwich. She drops in one day to Freddy's home, lulled there by the "delishomposhus" scent of the pancakes. She makes one request: She wants to learn how to make pancakes just like Freddy. With his mother's permission, Freddy accompanies Mrs Goodwich back to her home, the "funniest house he had ever seen." What follows is an amusing interaction, as Mrs Goodwich shares her curious world with Freddy while he teaches her the proper way around the kitchen.

Accompanied by Chelsea Trevor's pleasing illustrations, this is a sweet little tale that very young children and their parents or caregivers might enjoy reading together. The story offers children the opportunity to see they can be a leader in a big world and teach adults something new. While Trevor's book is both comical and educational, the apparent made-up word "delishomposhus" is difficult to say and at times stumbles the rhythm of the story while reading. There's no reason given for the word or why it's used. Perhaps it's a shared secret between Freddy and his mother?. Also, some pages are more wordy and risk losing the interest of children, especially when illustrations do not accompany Trevor's vivid descriptions. Despite these issues, it's still a fun read, demonstrating that witches can be silly, and it won't make you feel you've wasted a few precious moments of the day with a child.

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