Friends of The Enchanted Forest
by Glenda Crenshaw

"'If anything happened to any of you, I could never forgive myself and could not face life.'"

Willow is a beautiful witch living in the Enchanted Forest with her friend, Panthagoras, a wise old owl. However, Willow was raised on the dark side of the forest where trees tied up those passing by, shadows drifted around in the gloom, and the Evil Magician lived in the murkiness. This is where Willow grew up after the Evil Magician banished her parents and took Willow to train for evilness. After twenty years, Willow escaped and found love, kindness, friendship, and true happiness with new friends in the Enchanted Forest. Life was lovely, until one day when a shadow appeared on the beautiful side of the forest. Willow’s Evil Magician had finally found her and sent a message to her: She must return, or her friends would suffer the consequences. Willow did not want harm to come to her friends, so she left. However, her friends would not give up so easily. They loved Willow so they followed. Together with Panthagoras, the friends defeated the Evil Magician and banished him to space forever.

Crenshaw has created an inspiring, engaging children’s story addressing the familiar topic of good versus evil. She portrays evil just as her young readers would with wicked magicians, darkness, shadows, and sadness. Crenshaw also expresses good with age-appropriate topics of love, friendship, caring, and kindness. She shows her young readers that the good in the world can always conquer evil if people work together and help one another. Crenshaw demonstrates that the power of friendship and love can triumph over bad circumstances in one’s life. She leads her young readers to understand the value of being kind and helping other people.

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