"As I pass some trees, to a view that stops me in my tracks.
Everything is dead, the trees are burnt, and life is what it lacks."

Crane’s work digs beyond subtlety with direct yet thought-provoking poetry that drives right to the essential questions that audiences will relate to, evoking feelings of vulnerability and contentment through love, loss, and an intimate connection with the Lord. Gut-wrenching discussions are not dressed up; instead, she uses figurative language and imagery to tackle topics like depression head-on with a simple yet meaningful scheme of rhyming couplets, AABB, etc.

As a single mother, Crane’s empathetic nature toward all is on full display, whether it is remembering soldiers’ sacrifice or expressing concern for those who lack meaning in their lives. Through metaphors, she begins the progression of the broken soul toward healing. In “The Majestic Forest,” she shows how even with the appearance of beauty in the forest, a simple match was all it took to ignite an entire forest and create havoc. Similarly, she emphasizes how everyone has their own match, the catalyst that sets them toward the path of destruction and emptiness. As the compilation progresses, the theme shifts strongly from being broken and empty to finding completion and true healing in God’s embrace, through His word, and by following His principles. Beyond all else, though, one principle reigns supreme: forgiveness, through which one discovers ultimate healing.

The faith-based poems interact with spirituality from a different perspective, such as in “Holiness,” where the speaker suggests holiness to be an accumulation of one’s choices, which eventually become habits that embody God. Overall, Crane’s poetry is a fusion of refreshing, thoughtful poetry that is a meaningful read for any audience looking to immerse themselves into a soothing experience of healing and positivity.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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