Full Circle
by Steven Bieler
AuthorHouse UK

"You know what happened last time and how much it still hurts. It is best to stay alone and focus on your work."

Dr. Dana Jones is a brilliant scientist who has created a device that opens "windows," which in theory will allow her to look at what happened in a location across all of time. Onboard a spaceship full of other scientists and military personnel, she is given an opportunity to test her device to determine why humanity left its home planet millennia ago. When they power on the device and take readings of a red planet, the project is deemed a success. However, a mysterious power surge occurs shortly thereafter, and a crew member vanishes into thin air. The only hypothesis is far-fetched, but all the data points to time travel. Can a clandestine group of scientists replicate the conditions under a veil of secrecy and recover a rogue AI and the missing crewman?

With elements inspired by popular science fiction works from the past century, the author of this book weaves a tale that hits all the right notes and satisfies readers while crafting something brand new and surprising. The author has invented a world where food can be synthesized, life can be lived in a personal virtual world, and regeneration into multiple lifetimes is possible. However, despite such advances, the stakes still manage to be high throughout this story. More than just a technological showcase, there is also a strong cast of central characters that carry human emotions and various life experiences together in order to answer their big questions and save lives in the process. With elements of mystery, romance, action, and a strong science fiction background, this story hooks readers early and continues to satisfy them with each new chapter.

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