"Mom said we looked like best pals. She took a picture of us, saying something about it being a once in a lifetime event."

A boy and his best friend disagree on games to play during a playdate. He learns from his mom that being a best friend means doing what your best friend wants to do sometimes, and both have fun when he acquiesces to his best friend. Next, kids show mom just how much fun a rainy day can be. In another story, a child demonstrates that he is ready for a dog by caring for the neighbor’s dog. Then, bickering siblings learn how to get along and take care of each other when they catch the flu. Finally, a child learns the lesson of gratitude when he takes toys to sick kids at the hospital.

Giuffrida uses short stories with simple lessons to craft a heartwarming message of the importance of inclusiveness, sharing, delighting in small daily pleasures, responsibility, and gratitude. The author opens each story in a way that readers can easily identify with the characters. She then introduces conflict and teaches her audience a lesson through the actions of the character in the story. Some stories are so touching they bring a tear to the eye, such as in “More Toys Please,” “I’m Sick,” and “Pick Me.” Through the care the siblings show each other in “I’m Sick,” Giuffrida highlights the love and care siblings have for each other even though they may not always get along. The rainy-day story is great for reading out loud as one visualizes the scene of a joyful family enjoying a rainy day together. This is an appealing read with a light, fresh tone that beautifully conveys that friends and family can teach us lessons that will last a lifetime.

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