Fuzzy Learns a Lesson of Love
by Patricia McLaughlin

"And why do you think you’re not pretty and bright?
Why, I think you are such a wonderful sight."

In this delightful little children's picture book, a caterpillar named Fuzzy learns one of the most important lessons any young boy or girl can learn—that of self-acceptance. One day while Tori, a young girl, is dancing outside enjoying the beautiful day, a clumsy insect bumps into her head and then crashes to the ground. Upon examination, Tori learns it is a caterpillar named Fuzzy. Fuzzy apologizes not only for bumping into her head but also for his perception that he is not as amazing or wonderful as the other creatures around, especially the motley colored butterflies which flutter overhead, reflecting their brightness in the glistening sunshine.

Tori spends time talking with Fuzzy and getting to know the cute critter and, in the process, teaches Fuzzy that he is just as beautiful and wonderful as any butterfly or other creature for that matter. What is important is that Fuzzy comes to realize his beauty comes from inside—from the inner depths of who he is—rather than from any superficial degree of perceived outward beauty. Sure, he may not yet have his colorful wings, enabling him to fly around in the sunshine sky, but there is much already for which Fuzzy has to love about himself.

Just as Tori knows this, young readers of this spritely little gem of a book will also know it to be true. Loving oneself just as one is, on the inside, is the central theme here that even the youngest of children with whom this book will be shared can and should comprehend. Only once we love ourselves first are we then able to spread that love and basic goodness to others around us. This is the wonderful and simple message this book presents for children and adults of any age.

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