A Gal in a Proud Profession
by Cari Sommer
Trafford Publishing

"If you ever get sick in the grocery store, let it be between three-thirty and four-thirty in the afternoon."

Part memoir and part history lesson, Sommer's A Gal in a Proud Profession gives an eye-opening look into the world of nursing across a half-century. As technology and societal attitudes change from decade to decade, the dedication of nurses to the well-being of their patients and assistance to their doctors remains a sole constant. Sometimes heartwarming, sometimes humorous, Sommer's patients and co-workers come to life from the page, making entertaining scenes from memories. The author's professional bedside manner shines clearly through the book’s text, making each moment something personal and easy to relate to.

Focusing primarily on her work in her field of obstetrics, much of the book focuses on pregnancies, childbirths, and the rare but tragic loss before, during, or after delivery. With a great deal of insider knowledge, this portion of the book can be eye-opening to some, comforting to others as they look for the opinions of professionals and those who have gone through pregnancy before. While there are many technical terms being used, Sommer does a good job of explaining it in everyday language within the text and also includes a glossary at the end of the book. Simultaneously highlighting the challenges and the rewards of a career in nursing, the exuberance and love of life that the author puts on to the page is infectious, making for a very entertaining and worthwhile read. For those interested in nursing, pregnancy, or just the musings of a special individual, A Gal in a Proud Profession should be looked into.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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