Galaxy Ambassador: The Celestial Pact
by Reid Wong
Trafford Publishing

"You are the one whom we are searching for, we mean no harm."

Maxter Anfred is, as far as the grand scheme of things is concerned, a nobody. Working in a fruitless job, living at home with his parents, and barely making enough to get by, his preferred escape from reality is science fiction and the paranormal. After combining inspiration from a scientific presentation on television and a prophecy in a book he read, Maxter heads out to a field and shines a spotlight beacon on five specific stars. This action summons a race of aliens who adopt Maxter as their ambassador to bridge the gap between their advanced technology and the fractured governments of the human race. Learning that these aliens are in fact responsible for humanity's achievements and growth, they offer three advancements of humanity's choice in exchange for their cooperation. Maxter has to lead global unification in order to meet the alien demands, while preventing his people from getting involved in something larger than they can handle.

Maxter is every bit the everyman. This makes this story a flight of fancy for science fiction fans who will envision themselves inside the narrative. While the aliens' arrival proves to be a bit bureaucratic in nature and only hints at the extraterrestrial possibilities, readers who stick around to the end will be paid off with an epic confrontation that includes some of humanity's greatest strengths as well as plenty of futuristic technologies brought to battle. Anyone who enjoys the genre will savor the different species and devices contained in this book, aided by pages of helpful illustrations preceding the story itself to clarify some of the finer details.

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