Generations of Betrayal
by N. S. Leumas
Trafford Publishing

"For us to have a way once-again to become guardians of our-own liberties we must de-Jewize Xtianity and secularize govt. The essentials = rejecting the OT/purging the Jew-NT/returning the Christos within (monism)/strict personal-ethics/veil-defined poli-ethics/civil-law re the ideals of a Republic."

N. S. Leumas (he often spells his name simply NSLeumas) is a thoughtful, angry man who believes that all of us have been lied to about politics, history, and religion. With a broad scope, he examines world history using a unique system of abbreviations, predominate among them "J-R" (Jewish-Roman) or at times, "Ju-Cath," underscoring his oft-reiterated conviction that Americans have allowed themselves to be tyrannized by Jews and Catholics. He believes that the Old Testament was written after the fact, as Christian revisionism, because in the pre-New Testament era, Jews, he asserts, were not a religious group at all, but merely a self-seeking money-lending cartel. Bringing these propositions into modern times, the author denies the Holocaust and praises the ideals of Nazism, citing many sources to support his thinking. No respecter of political persuasions, Leumas has as much contempt for American right-wing as for American left-wing politicians, seeing them as equally guilty of letting J-Rs hold sway. He contends that America began abandoning its ideals almost as soon as they were formulated.

While the author propounds some cogent ideas, his writing craftsmanship reveals too many oddities to ignore: joining random words with hyphens, underlining capriciously, and skipping from subject to subject and time-frame to time-frame in no perceptible order. In such a lengthy book (more than 600 pages) these anomalies make reading difficult and unfortunately weaken the impression that the author would surely wish to convey, that this is a soundly researched, factual work. For many, Leumas' views may be seen as too extreme, but for those who feel that Western society is in danger, and that some people are being lied to and forced to accept untenable life choices, his book may offer corroboration.

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