Gingerpuss: My First Home
by Vicki Mitchell

"I think I am going to like it here in my new home."

Little Maria asks her mom if she can get the cute ginger kitten at the mall, and her mom says yes. Maria names the cat Gingerpuss. Maria loves the cat so much and wants to take her to school, but her mom insists that Gingerpuss stay home. Gingerpuss enjoys the new activities of her home, such as playing in the grass (which she has never seen before!), befriending a cricket, and playing with wool in the house. However, not all the new features of her new life are fun. Gingerpuss is terrified of a large, barking dog and climbs a tree to escape him. Will Maria find a way to rescue Gingerpuss? Will the kitten want to stay in her new home? Who will save Gingerpuss from the tree?

Older readers will undoubtedly relate to Maria in remembering the first time they got a pet as a child. The author expertly demonstrates the excitement of a child by mentioning that Maria wanted to take her kitty everywhere, including school. The story also may evoke happy childhood memories for cat owners when Maria sees Gingerpuss playing with wool, rolling around in the grass, and purring herself to sleep. The reader senses the loving and happy relationship between Jessie (Maria’s mother) and Maria. Mitchell presents a heartwarming story of the devotion of family and the commitment of a community to the needs of its residents. Gingerpuss sees that her home is a safe place after her family rescues her. The reader ends the book relieved that Gingerpuss will be well cared for in her new home.

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