Girl's Night Out
by M. C. Syben
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"I watch as they join again. That’s how Girls’ Night Out becomes a weekly event, over the murder of an innocent puppy, of decency, of human sanity."

Four college friends and their little sister gathered casually for a girl’s night out, not knowing just how much the meeting would reveal about each of them. With this one reunion, the course of many lives would change that night. The women had all been staunch advocates of varying animal rights causes throughout their college years, but when life called their passions got pushed to the side. Then, after reconnecting and re-living the glory days while discussing all of life’s uncertainties, they were filled with renewed energy and wanted to defend the defenseless once again. Over drinks and appetizers, a dangerous a plan began to take shape. A goal for the group was formed, but that task quickly caused a domino effect that would evolve into something much larger, putting all of them at risk.

While the author highlights several key political and legislative issues surrounding animal and human trafficking, as well as gun control, the delivery is handled in a way that does not distract from the personality of the story or the affability of the characters. The women's fervent passion for advocacy serves as a force that bonds instead of a cause for division. Syben’s call to action is fierce, yet gently and lovingly embedded into conversations amongst friends who are simply trying to make the world a better place the best way they know how. In the same way, readers will be encouraged to think about some of the ways in which they can work with others to make a difference while winding their way to the book's shocking conclusion.

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