Give a Little Bit: When Are You Coming Back?
by Pam Croft
Trafford Publishing

"Take his hand and you'll be surprised . . ."

We often mistakenly see people as one-dimensional. The boss is just a boss. The teacher is always a teacher (and probably lives at the school). And. of course, our parents are only parents. The author, in her memoir, reminds readers that most people are complex and worthy of some grace and understanding.

An obvious nurturer, Croft's life story involves her being wife, mother, and employee at a local retail store. She embraces her relationships with family, friends, coworkers, customers, and especially her relationship with her boss, "the owner." Croft discovers over time that the owner is a holocaust survivor, and she educates herself regarding what he might have been through. This empathy makes her extraordinary, making her story and perspective on life extraordinary, as well. Eventually, Croft's relationship and commitment to her employer evolves into something like a daughter with a father, and one where the child evolves into a caregiver. "The best one was when he said, "Let's go," and I got ready, never asking where."

Croft isn't without her own trials, but her fortitude seems boundless. She describes her bout with cancer and sweetly takes the hospital wrist band with numbers on it as a reminder and strength from her now-deceased boss who had concentration camp tattoos. The best part of the book is the natural, easy writing style. To read Croft's memoir is to feel like you are listening to her share her day over a cup of coffee. Her writing is completely genuine, honest, and has a voice of tenderness.

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