God Speaks of Return and Bannered
by Anthony A. Eddy
Book Whip

"The purpose of these books is not to entertain per se but rather to impart wisdom with knowledge."

The original passages in this thought-provoking work are messages, or dictations, that came to its creator/collector from a source he felt sure was divine. As a Christian, Eddy sensed that the words were based around—and an augmentation of—biblical teaching. This volume generally focuses on the return of God to earth, and in particular, on a special banner that appeared to Eddy in a dream, depicting a cross and a star. Many references to the banner are offered. The author has also produced real copies of this flag. He refrains from beginning each segment with the notation, "I hear The Lord Jesus saying," believing that it is implied. The prophetic messages use formal, biblical structure, underpinned by passages from the Bible which are cited when appropriate.

Eddy, who has a respected background in science and business in New Zealand, has published several volumes, or scrolls, over the past thirteen years, each emphasizing distinct themes. Though the communications have come to him spontaneously, he has taken pains to devise a list of the nearly 400 dictations here in received order, alphabetical order, and order by category. He also includes a lined section, "My Content Study Guide," after each portion, allowing the reader space to make notes. The messages, covering an extraordinarily wide range of subject matter and couched in sacred language, nevertheless demonstrate a knowledge of contemporary issues that enhances their credibility. They include numerous metaphors demonstrating a depth of wisdom that, Eddy would assert, stems from a mystical source. Because the book offers sound advice and much important material for contemplation, it could usefully be studied by serious students of the Bible who are seeking a revised message for modern times.

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