God's Amazing Hands
by Cynthia Phillips

"The Heavenly Father has allowed you to see a small part of Paradise."

The author relates a group of miraculous stories, including an amazing occurrence in her own life and the stories of acquaintances who experienced encounters with God. When asked to obey a command that seemed foolish, two ladies failed to listen and met near disaster; the Heavenly Father sent angels to intervene once each lady repented and prayed fervently. Several stories demonstrate the importance of memorizing healing scripture and the power of quoting these out loud, especially saying the name of Jesus repeatedly.

The author records three occasions when someone experienced contact from a deceased relative. One time a relative appeared beside a hospital bed to escort a dying grandmother. A dad was supernaturally comforted after his son left for the service. A deceased relative of the author spoke in a dream via a telephone in a paradise-like garden. The author was given prophetic information to prevent a suicide attempt. She was also warned against hostility, being assured she was greatly loved by her mother.

The author’s devotion to God and appreciation of his divine intervention shines through in this book as does her own love for people. For example, when a boating accident left Phillips partially paralyzed at fifteen, she was encouraged to console other patients in the same hospital. Staff pushed her wheelchair into a room where she spoke, offering hope to others with serious injuries. For ten years, the author has volunteered at a hospice, a family center, and in the past at a women’s prison facility. An intriguing aspect of this short book is that it is laid out with blank left pages, a feature which could allow readers to add notes or record similar experiences of God’s intervention in their own lives. “Amazing” is the right word for the supernatural encounters which Phillips has recorded and preserved to inspire her readers.

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