God's Greatest Miracle
by Margaret Schuster-Grossman
Trafford Publishing

"The things that only God can do are called miracles."

The spiritual concepts of God and Jesus are often difficult to explain to young children. Here, Margaret Schuster-Grossman offers a very simple and easily understood narrative that embraces the essence of God's presence in the Church, and his miracle gift to each of us. From a soft-spoken literary voice, young readers will witness Jesus turning water into wine, curing the sick, feeding the hungry, and calming the stormy seas. From his death on the cross, to rising from a tomb, Schuster-Grossman ultimately reveals Jesus' embodiment offered up in the Eucharist. Individual Bible passages referencing these miraculous events are noted at the bottom of each page. A final quiet prayer renders God's love and teachings, with an added verse for older youngsters who might be preparing to receive the sacrament of First Holy Communion.

Early on, the author capture's our attention with "Turn the page.... We're on a search to find God's Greatest Miracle!" Participation for a child is often key, and here the book reveals an engaging interactive style. Blanks left to fill in a child's name lend a sense of personalization, while questions throughout ignite further involvement for the reader. The game of visual connections is reminiscent of a spiritual "Where's Waldo?" Artwork by IZZI is bright and clear, with easily recognizable Biblical images that correspond to the text. In particular, the illustrations of children reflect a sweet, wide-eyed innocence.

For parents and teachers alike, Schuster-Grossman's book provides a well-rounded, creative instructional tool. For young children it offers an enjoyable read, and a positive introduction that knowingly shines a golden light on God, his love for us, and the ultimate transformation of bread and wine that connects us to his "Greatest Miracle".

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