Gold Standard Dental Admission Test (DAT)
Comprehensive Review, Practice Tests and
Online Access Card, Complete 4-Book Set
by Gold Standard Team RuveneCo

"We have had Ivy League dental students involved in the production of the Gold Standard series so that pre-dent students can feel that they have access to the content required to get a score satisfactory at any dental school in the country."

College students seeking to advance to a higher level of professional training often face at least one or more daunting examinations that can either crack open the doors to the school of their choosing or become an insurmountable stumbling block on their career path. For those aspiring to become dentists, the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) can be a formidable hurdle. With this in mind, the creators of this test preparation package have designed a fact-filled yet user-friendly set of books that well deserves the moniker of "Gold Standard."

The four, large volumes in the set address all of the subject areas the students will be expected to show proficiency in: Biology, Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning (Math), and Reading Comprehension. Each discipline is reviewed in depth, but in order not to overwhelm students with too much information, the chapters are usually short and divided into even smaller sections that cover only one or two topics. Each of these then include several clear examples explaining the concept. At the end of every chapter is a short test over the material presented. The fourth book rounds off the set by preparing students for the Perceptual Ability Test (PAT) and includes a full DAT practice test. An added bonus is the availability of several linked online resources that feature more questions, videos, flashcards, a forum, an additional DAT practice test, etc.

The writing is informative without being too scholarly and feels a bit like a kind-hearted teacher taking some extra time to explain a tricky concept to a student after class. Frequent colorful illustrations help reinforce the learning and occasionally show a touch of subtle humor. Overall, this set may very well be one of the best and most comprehensive preparation packages of its type on the market today.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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