Gollywood Here I Come!
by Terry John Barto

"When Anamazie was introduced, she strutted on stage and performed a patriotic medley. Thunderous applause roared from the audience as Anamazie landed in the splits and belted out the last note."

Many children, and not a few adults, wish they could become superstars. Whether their talent lies in music, drama, dance, or some combination of all three, they hope to one day walk the red carpet and have their name in lights. Unfortunately, for most the dream will remain just that, but what would it be like to have your ambition finally be realized one day? That is the subject of the author's slightly goofy but totally charming children's book.

Anamazie and her mother, Henrietta, live in a town of turkeys called Gobbleville where Anamazie is the youngest majorette to lead the Wattle View Marching Band. But the pair have dreams that extend far beyond the borders of their community, dreams that picture young Anamazie one day becoming a starlet in Gollywood. To that end Anamazie competes on the Gobbleville's Got Talent program only to be beaten out in the finals by Edith Winkmeyer. Devastated by the loss, Anamazie bursts into tears backstage. But tears are soon replaced with smiles as a talent scout is waiting in the wings to give her a shot at trying out for a Gollywood movie being directed by the famous J.B. Tuttlebaum. Although her road to success from this point on contains a couple of potholes, Anamazie's goal of someday walking that red carpet eventually becomes a reality.

Parents will appreciate the theme that hard work will pay off in the end, while children will fall in love both with the story and the excellent illustrations by artist Mattia Cerato. Everyone, however, should enjoy the crazy antics of Henrietta as she pushes the boundaries of even the stereotypical stage mom. Fun to read and filled with both a positive message and plenty of humor, Barto's turkey tale is definitely not "fowl."

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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