Good Bye Grandpa
by Aimee Chappell
Trafford Publishing

"My grandpa looked at me and held my hand. He told me he loved me then he went back to sleep."

A little boy named Riley loves his grandpa. He looks forward to every weekend when Grandpa comes to visit and brings his toy boat. The two go to a nearby lake, sit on the banks, and take turns pushing buttons to guide the boat. During those special times together, they talk, laugh and tell stories. When it's time for Grandpa to go home, Riley can't wait for the next weekend. One weekend, Grandpa doesn't come. Riley's mother tells him that his grandpa is not feeling well. Riley makes a special "Get Well!" card.

Several weeks go by and Grandpa is still not feeling well. Riley's mother explains that they are going to the hospital to visit Grandpa. When they arrive, Grandma is already there. Grandpa opens his eyes and holds Riley's hand, then goes back to sleep. Riley's mother says they won't see him anymore because he is an angel. After a few weeks, Grandma gives Riley the toy boat. The whole family goes to the lake and watches as he shows what he learned from Grandpa.

The author has written a heart-warming story designed to help a child deal with the death of a grandparent. It is neither preachy nor morbid, but also doesn't hide from the subject matter. Told in a way that's easy to understand, it presents questions and answers about death, hospitals, and doctors on the child's level. It includes a scene at a funeral and the child seeing the casket. The illustrations are simple yet effective. There are some grammar and punctuation errors, but these do not affect the meaning of the story. The synopsis on the back book cover ends with "this book may help little ones understand and be less fearful of loved ones passing away." The author has succeeded in this effort.

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