Good and Evil
by Micahel Pearl
No Greater Joy

"This story is told in an old book, THOUSANDS of years old. Every word I am about to tell you is true. Some of it will be hard to believe. But the TRUTH is often stranger than fiction."

So begins the retelling of the greatest story ever told. Many, many stories have been selected from the Bible and told in common colloquial language, along with glorious illustrations. This is in fact, a graphic novel presented in the style of comic book art. The book is based on the King James Holy Bible. The author only injects his own words as clarification in the context of the stories. The illustrations bring characters to life in exciting superhero fashion. The sacrifice of animals to God is explained in layman terms. Temptation, betrayal, and hope are illustrated in stories and pictures. Redemption is fully revealed and woven in the stories throughout the whole tale of God's plan for man.

The book begins where the Bible does: with creation. We follow Adam and Eve, the parents of mankind, Noah and the famous Ark, and Moses as he brings God's chosen people into one nation. The prophecies of Christ conclude the Old Testament along with the fall of Jerusalem to Babylon. The book continues 500 years later, when Jesus was born, as the fulfillment of those prophecies. Jesus' ministry of healings and enlightenment result in his arrest, false trial, and crucifixion. His resurrection results in uniting his followers into the Christian faith. His followers were instructed to go into the world and to spread the good news of God's redemptive love.

Pearl's real talent was to select which stories to include, and which illustrators to utilize. The illustrations alone will capture the audience.

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