Goose Feathers
by Robert Koermer

"They come all the way from Canada to the exact same spot in our yard on Castle Lake. Not one foot off. It is truly amazing!"

Based on the account of two Canadian geese and their annual migration to Castle Lake in Tyrone, Georgia, this is a creative collection of fictional stories written in memory of the real Lucie Goosie Goozer. Over a five year period, the Lucie and Gomer pair produced twenty-seven goslings. This special "U&I Read Aloud" book is designed for a shared experience where the adult and child read alternating chapters. The author brings to light the entertaining adventures of this feathered family and their interactions in the nesting community. Their antics include the likes of arguments over territorial rights, the rescue of a baby elephant, building a toothpick factory, and a grand Flag Day celebration with furry and amphibious creatures providing musical accompaniment.

To compliment the narrative, Thomas Swofford's illustrations render a colorful and playful animal menagerie. Drawings highlight an array of amusing, animated characters, from a speedy goose making a winning dive into a basketball net, to a Scottish turtle clan playing bagpipes. Details of goggle-wearing geese, top-hat frogs, and a uniformed Beaver Patrol add a whimsical touch. Author Koermer smartly includes modern day elements that make this a timely tale. These tech savvy characters use laptops, drones, and GPS tracking devices to help solve problems and predicaments. Woven throughout the storylines are lessons about friendship, conflict and compromise, and the laws of nature.

This book has an ideal format for youngsters transitioning into chapter books. The participatory concept providing an opportunity for both reading and listening is a clever instructional tool. The unique design serves to initiate questions and responses, improve reading and comprehension skills, and offer a shared learning experience. While recommended for readers six to nine years of age, seemingly a younger child could also enjoy and benefit in having these fun stories read aloud by an adult.

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