Grammy's Glen
by Toni Atkinson

"We can dig for treasure under rocks buried deep
Maybe search for baby foxes in the forest asleep"

In a far off, distant land lives a happy and knowledgeable woman who resided out in a meadow full of natural beauty. Friends with the flora and fauna as well as the local children, Grammy is always excited when she has visitors hungry for adventure and exploration. When a young blond-haired, blue-eyed girl and her younger brother find Grammy's garden, they run up to greet her with a hug before deciding to enjoy the area. The threesome settle on a relaxing sit by a duck pond, watching the fish jumping up from the water and the family of ducks quacking in a row as they moved from dry land into the pond. After sitting in the warm sunshine, they decide to dip their feet in the water to cool off and then took a nap to cap off a relaxing day.

Written with a poetic meter and rhyming structure, this brief glimpse into an idyllic wonderland is perfect as a read-along with young children. The care-free approach to adventure without worry fits in with the way that kids view a trip to their grandma and grandpa's house. It's a place to do new things that they don't do at home, all while still being carefully kept safe and spoiled. The descriptions of the scenery are realistic, but still capture that youthful wonder that fresh eyes see the world with. The word choices are vivid but not overly complicated, giving this short story ample opportunity to expand the vocabulary of young readers. The author shows a true knack for writing descriptive, evocative passages that captivate the minds of children without confusing or losing them.

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