Grandpa! Can We Go Fishing?
by D. R. Rands
BookVenture Publishing LLC

"We will have to get some fishing equipment first. We will need a net, lifejackets, worms, minnows, anchor and jigs."

Two young boys are staying with their grandpa and grandma in their cabin in the woods. Eager to take in the great outdoors, they ask their grandpa if he will take them out to go fishing. Grandpa, pleased that they want to fish, agrees and tells them to prepare for the trip. Listing all of the things they’ll need to bring on the trip, the two boys pay attention to all the tackle, lures, and safety devices they need for their activity. Once everything is collected, the three of them head out in a rowboat and head to a spot that Grandpa favors over all the others—his “secret fishing spot.” As the two boys cast their lines, Grandpa minds the net, ready to bring in any fish that they catch.

Grandpa tells them that any fish they catch will be that evening’s supper, so the boys are eager to catch big fish for them to eat. Once the fish start biting, they both reel them in, excited to see the size of their catches. Catching one fish each, Grandpa brings the boat back to the dock and helps the kids out before bringing the fish along for the family to eat that evening. While Grandma cooks and serves the fish, the children thank Grandpa for the fun they had out on the lake. They all enjoy the taste of the fresh fish and sharing a meal that they all helped contribute to. To Grandpas’ amusement, once the boys are tucked into their beds that night, they ask him if they can go fishing again the next day.

Each page of this story about family and fun is completely illustrated, with bright colorful text placed around the action. Children will enjoy the big cartoonish pictures and the prospect of spending time with family on an adventure in the outdoors, whether they live in the country or the middle of the city. The tone of the story is lighthearted and full of love, and the pages have a minimal amount of text, perfect for teaching young children to read or to have a quick story session with them before they go down for a nap. The vocabulary is simple enough that children could even read the book together with a younger sibling.

The author wrote this story out of the hope that his grandchildren will one day ask him to go fishing. His engaging children’s book will likely remind its audience of the fun and the importance of both spending time with beloved family members and going on adventures outside of the house. As more and more children lead lives dominated by screen time, the traditional activities of bonding and physical exercise have taken a less prominent role in daily life. Books such as these are great for children to expose them to the idea that they can have fun without a TV, tablet, computer, or video game system. Perfect for young and the young at heart, reading this book as a family is likely to bring everyone closer together and could even possibly inspire a fishing trip or something similar to keep that bond strong.

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