Grandpa, I'm Afraid
by Mart Grams

"Children have brains capable of generating intense fears but are not capable of caging the tiger."

The author introduces the reader to this lively story by relaying a message for moms and dads with kids from ages 2 to 7 that fears are normal. With a trusted family member’s help, a child can face his fears, reframe them, and move on with his day. Each story presents the animals or situations that the character Alli fears, such as bees, monsters, clowns, shots, and Halloween. Grandpa and Alli have a conversation in which the loving grandfather helps his grandchild talk further about the fear and reframes the situation in a way that helps the youngster move on from being afraid.

The introduction to the book is lengthy and almost makes the reader wonder if this is a science textbook, but once the story begins, the reader connects the research with a relatable real-life story. Grams writes a charming tale of an imaginative child named Alli and the loving relationship with a wise Grandpa in this engaging read. The grandfather uses interesting techniques that the reader can apply in his own life and with his own children. First, Grandpa personifies the animal that Alli fears, such as in the story of the bee and clowns. Next, he uses humor to make Alli laugh and forget about the fear in the story of the monsters under the bed and the mannequins. Finally, Grandpa offers tools to help Alli get through the scary situation, such as using a flashlight in the dark basement and imagining eating ice cream after getting a shot at the doctor. A parent reading this book is empowered with useful tools to mindfully help a child through this delicate phase of life.

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