Growing Influence: A Story of How to Lead with Character, Expertise, and Impact
by Ron Price and Stacy Ennis
Greenleaf Book Group Press

"'Are you happy where you’re at? Do you feel like you’re fulfilling what you’re meant to in life?' ... it was a question she knew she needed to answer..."

This leadership book isn’t your common offering about building a great team, establishing good relationships, and building trust to bring out their best (not that you won’t learn valuable information about those things). But as strong leaders know, delivery is everything, and this small offering delivers valuable insights and knowledge in a big way.

Using storytelling as their means, the authors develop a scenario around a chance encounter between frazzled and under-appreciated Emily and former CEO David to present a comprehensive and effective plan for becoming an effective and engaged leader. Through coffee shop talks between the two, Emily learns how to concentrate her efforts on becoming an influential and valuable team member—the springboard of good leadership. Each encounter between the two builds upon their narrative story, revealing more elements of great leadership based on self-governance and integrity, traits easily recognizable in the best of leaders. As Emily’s knowledge grows throughout the narrative, so does the reader’s. Within the few hours it takes to read this innovative book, there is a revolution—an “aha” moment of clarity in which one sees the brilliance of its simple principles and begins the journey of becoming an agent of change.

This book and its presentation style on leadership are as fresh as the advice it so compellingly presents. Using the narrative form, the character Emily as the vessel in which questions are presented, and David’s character with his business and philosophical insights to provide answers is a brilliant strategy. Not only are the fundamental materials presented in an absorbing way, they are also easy comprehended and relatable. This important and timely book should be read and reread, not only by those in business but by those who deal with people in daily life.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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