"Something beautiful, something good, all my confusion, He understood."

This storybook is a beautiful lesson book for children to learn more about Jesus. Young readers learn that Jesus loves you no matter what mistakes you have made. He gave his life for our sins so we can be forgiven and live without regret. Readers learn that Jesus is always there for us; he wants us to talk to him, to trust him, to ask him for what we need. In return, Jesus loves to hear what we are thankful for in our hearts. In addition, children learn that Jesus is with us always; he will never leave our side, and even when we are not thinking of him, he is thinking of us. We can trust Jesus to always be with us regardless of our actions due to his love and grace.

This storybook is a daily devotional guide for children to understand more about Jesus and his love for us. Each day, for thirty days, a new lesson about Jesus is introduced. McBride has geared this workbook for children ages 8-10, dedicating each day to a teaching plan which consists of a story about Jesus and his gifts to us, a Bible verse emphasizing the story topic, illustrations and coloring pages aiding the story, questions over the story and lesson, and a prayer to confirm each lesson. Many topics are explored that are aimed to help children learn more about Jesus and how he meets our needs and protects us. McBride has created a wonderful educational tool to help parents teach their children the message of Christ.

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