The Grumpy Monkey Who Only Eats Bananas
by Katia Rabelo-Beacroft
Trafford Publishing

"The little princess saw that the grumpy monkey was in trouble."

This book succeeds in educating children about several animals in the Amazon rainforest without talking down to them. It also introduces the reader to a fruit called the guanabana from the pawpaw family. The tone is fun and playful. The illustrations are sure to delight children not only for their expressiveness, but also for their color.

The story is simple and the catch-phrase "grumpy monkey who only eats bananas" drives home the eating habits of the monkey throughout the story. The writer cleverly introduces other animal members of the rainforest. These creatures include the giant anteater, armadillo, caiman (a relative of the crocodile), toucan, and piranha. Each are described without any emotional or scary characterizations. Although treated badly by the monkey, the story's main character, a Princess, shows compassion for him later. The subtle message seems to be an appeal for all creatures to get along.

The book opens the door to the Amazon rainforest and its inhabitants and invites young readers to learn more about the plants and animals mentioned in the story. The author even left space for the owner to personalize the book by writing his or her name on the line provided. Praise to the author, who selected an excellent graphic illustrator, a good layout, and a font that is both readable and childlike. Overall the book is well-written, well-illustrated, educational, and entertaining. Children and parents will enjoy it.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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