The Guide To Business Bliss
by Steve Lawson
Trafford Publishing

"People hate to be sold, but they love to buy!"

The Guide to Business Bliss, by Steve Lawson, is an informative and decisive guide for how-to run a successful small business, without having to spend a large amount of time or money on marketing and sales campaigns.

Historically, the biggest problem facing businesses of all sizes is the failure to execute an actionable plan. Which is why it is not surprising that the SBA (Small Business Administration states that 50% of small businesses that fail, don't have a plan—truly a very conservative figure when underperforming businesses are factored in as well.

How is that possible with the large amount of "how-to establish successful small business guides" available to the growing number of self-employed business owners emerging from America's seemingly perpetual Great Recession? The "blissful" answer to that question can be found in Lawson's succinct 12-step plan. Framed by well-defined and fundamental guidance, The Guide to Business Bliss resourcefully directs small business owners toward working smart, and utilizing proven strategies to reach predetermined business goals and objectives.

Consider his targeted advice regarding customer service . . .

Whenever you fail to meet customer expectations, you send a message that is far more powerful than any marketing or sales campaign can overcome. The opposite is also true.   If you exceed customer expectations—if your service and delivery are remarkable—positive word of mouth can grow your business faster than a costly marketing campaign.

Lawson's history as a successful entrepreneur is evident throughout his inspiring and concisely written guide, which offers a wide variety of targeted goals for creating a vision, marketing, selling, tracking data, managing time etc. Readers who make the commitment to set aside just a few hours to take in his knowledge and proven advice, will no doubt find the motivation they need to build a successful and personally satisfying small business.

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