Gustav's Travels
by D.S. Lindberg
Trafford Publishing

"A chilling wailing sound cut through to their very souls as the cry of the sorceress resounded."

Taxation and magic don't mix well, especially when it involves a vengeful witch with anger management issues and her fierce, oversized cat. Gustav, a member of the king's guard, succeeds in his duty by protecting the king from the witch's wrath when others hesitate. For his trouble, however, the witch's lays a powerful curse on him and his betrothed, Ariel. Gustav is trapped in the form of a ferret with telepathic powers, his betrothed an eagle that must hunt him. To Gustav's good fortune, a sorceress named Elizabeth guides both him and his beloved on a journey across the land on a mission to help those in need. They form alliances in the most unlikely of places and people.

D.S. Lindberg delivers an imaginative tale that is crammed with adventure, romance, sorcery, and memorable characters. Despite the main emphasis on the valiant Gustav and his heroics across the land, it is the secondary characters that steal the show and make the story come alive—from Elizabeth, the wise and good sorceress, to Elena, a young, mischievous, and misguided queen. While this is a tale that revolves around a knight, it is refreshing to read a fantasy tale where the main character is trapped in animal form. This seeming limitation, while presenting certain challenges to each quest, allows for a creative and unique solution to various trials along the way. Gustav's Travels will appeal to a younger audience who enjoy quick, light, reads of good versus evil set in high fantasy settings.

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