Hank's Visit to the Doggie Store
by Dr. Amy Kabel
Trafford Publishing

"She reminded him to be a good boy and he could pick out a toy when he was done with his bath."

Dr. Amy Kabel is an author and third-grade teacher whose loyal companion Hank, inspired her to begin writing children's books. Through his silly antics and loving nature, Hank (or as Kabel likes to call him Hank the Tank) has not only inspired Kabel's writing, but he has also motivated her third-grade students to begin writing their own stories after reading Hank's Visit to the Doggie Store.

Hank is not only a loyal companion, but also a fun-loving and adventurous dog that loves to chase bunnies, eat delicious treats, and play with his toys. His all-time favorite thing to do is go for rides in the car. In Hank's Visit to the Doggie Store, Hank sets out on a new adventure with his mom and grandma to the local pet store for some fun and a little pampering. During his trip he gets a much-needed bath, visits with the parakeets and bunnies, and ends the day with a special toy for being such a good dog.

This charming story is not only easy to read with simple and succinct text, but is also full of brightly colored pages that children will love. The author's personal photo illustrations of Hank's adventure is a nice touch as it adds a personal feel that you don't get with many traditional children's books. Perfect for animal lovers of all ages, this makes for a great addition to any home or school library and can be used as an educational tool to teach children about caring for animals.

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