Has Anyone Seen Puff?
by Sheri Wolfinger
Trafford Publishing

"Jake wasn't too concerned about protecting the milk. He was more worried about the fact that Puff was getting something that he was not getting."

When Puff the barn cat tries to steal fresh milk from the farmers Mr. and Mrs. Kokomo, the jealous puppy Jake begins a furious chase around the barn creating havoc for all the inhabitants. Jake's brother Billy decides to stay out of trouble, and Jake's mother Tippy wants to get to her son before he causes any more trouble. Virtually no part of the farm is left in order after the chase leads into the house. Jake learns a valuable lesson about following instructions and behaving, whether his intentions are personally motivated or selfless. In the end, it's up to Jake to absorb the values his mother is trying to instill and grow up to be a responsible adult.

There is separate text above and beneath each of the large illustrations. Each block tells the same story, but the text at the bottom of the page is simple and ideal for younger children just learning to read. The words above the picture are more complex and detailed, with a full paragraph per page instead of a single sentence. This allows children to grow as a reader with the same stories that they are already love, an idea that's innovative as well as a creative tool in helping children become stronger readers. The vibrant illustrations and different levels of reading difficulty are sure to delight and challenge children.

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