Has Anyone Seen Puff?
(A Billy and Jake Adventure)
by Sheri Wolfinger Trafford Publishing

"When they teamed up, watch out!"

Kokomo Farm has lots of animals but none like puppies, Billy and Jake. Their names should be Troubles 1 and Troubles II. No matter how many times mother, Tippy, reminds them how fortunate they are to have a warm bed, food to eat and people who love them, the two are still naughty. Her scolding seems to fall on deaf ears.

Tippy's a great watchdog and some people believe that's the only reason the Kokomo's keep the mischievous puppies. On one day alone, jealous Jake takes off chasing the barn cat, Puff, because she sipped milk he really didn't want. This causes Mr. Kokomo to kick over a pail of milk, an entire basket of fresh eggs to be broken, and Mrs. Kokomo to fall into a mud puddle. Fleeing, Puff spots an open window and jumps inside. Landing paws in a cooling blueberry pie, she knows she's the one in trouble now, because of that pesky dog. Tippy really scolds Jake. She grounds him for two weeks and takes away his favorite treat. Puff teases him during his punishment. Will Jake ever grow up? Will he listen and learn the main lesson his mother continues to attempt to teach him: Think before you act and avoid trouble?

The author has created a storybook to promote good morals using adventurous puppies to convey the message. A unique 2-in-1 book, with text for both advanced and beginner readers, this teaching tool offers a child a fun way to increase reading skills.

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