Have You Ever?
by Laura Spearman
Trafford Publishing

"Have you ever seen a pony eating pizza slice by slice?"

The young child in this book is a fantastic dreamer, and every night they take the reader along with them into a fantastic, funny, and unbelievable dream. From roller-coaster camels to dancing elephants in tutus, anything is possible within dreams and through the imagination. As the reader encounters the descriptions of all these amazing dreams, the next page brings the previous night's dream, wilder and more improbable than the last. Eventually, the child narrator explains that it's the love of a mother that provides the safety, security, and serenity that allows for such incredible dream journeys. The story is less moral-based as it is simply a good bedtime story enforcing creativity and familial love.

This book is perfect for reading aloud to children before bed, hopefully inspiring equally amazing dreams. With a strong rhyming structure and good cadence, reading the book to a child will be as entertaining as the child's imagining all of the dreams will be. That imagination is aided by cartoonish, bright, clear illustrations that fill the opposite page of each dream's description. The overall presentation is easily accessible to all young readers, combining creativity, humor, memorable rhymes, and a positive, uplifting tone. Tackling the subject of dreams like this will make readers excited about their own dreams, or possibly comfort them after a scary or unpleasant one. The approach of anything being possible in a dream fills every single page, so this book will surely produce some giggles and make the audience excited to go to sleep soon after the story is over, in hopes that similar dreams might come to them.

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