Heal Yourself of Anything: Example Glaucoma
by Nancy Lynne Harris, M.A.
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"The words you choose to think and speak most often form attitudes that move your life toward illness or wellness."

When author Harris's son Michael was born with glaucoma, she did exactly what doctors instructed, putting medicated drops in his eyes three times daily to control pressure buildup. But she was told there was no cure for congenital glaucoma. Moving to California, Harris encountered a course in healing—"Eschatology, or the Science of Last Things." She and her husband became eschatology teachers. Based on the mental exercises taught by the science, Harris curtailed Michael's eye drops. To her and the doctors' astonishment, the pressure in the boy's eyes had become completely normal. Harris postulates that her sense of "pressure," brought on by an excessively overbearing relative, transferred itself to the body and mind of her son, causing glaucoma. She outlines the ways to access such insights to help others in the process of self-healing, by emptying the mind of negative thoughts, filling it with positive messages, and reflecting on the innate connectivity of all minds.

Harris, the founder of a healing organization and a specialist in curing glaucoma, clearly and logically weaves her intimate memories—in all their painful and joy-filled aspects—into her understanding and acceptance of eschatology healing principles. She describes the power of words and their meanings as secret movers behind our actions, using the metaphor of the work of technicians behind the curtain who make live stage productions possible and plausible. She unabashedly details personal deficits that, she believes, caused her son's condition, shows how she overcame them, and offers healing affirmations for those wishing to follow her method. She links conditions like far-sightedness and myopia to personality traits, further illustrating the connection between our minds and our physical characteristics. Harris presents her healing thesis to encourage those suffering from glaucoma and their loved ones to believe that they, too, can find relief.

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