Healing From Incest: Intimate Conversations with My Therapist
by Geri Henderson, Ph.D., & Seanne Emerton, LMFT, LIMHP, LPC
MSI Press

"What if someone who could write and who has thought about this recovery process were to collaborate with her therapist on a book?"

That was the germ of the idea, more than ten years ago, during the final months of Geri Henderson’s therapy with Seanne Emerton. But life intervened; the highly-motivated Henderson was deeply immersed in her professional career as a literature teacher. Then, three years ago, discussions with Emerton eventually led to this remarkable collaboration. In it, the reader learns of Henderson's long journey from a helpless victim of abuse to a survivor with a healthy, strengthened mentality—the obstacles and setbacks, and the acceptance of the possibility of hope. While not an easy book to read, describing in detail the punishment and sexual abuse perpetrated on a daughter by a father who purported to be a man of the church, Healing From Incest provides an illuminating roadmap for recovery, from the viewpoint of both patient and therapist.

For those actively suffering from or still tormented by memories of the trauma of incest, the ground that Henderson and Emerton have plowed can be a necessary and vital path toward hope and recovery. Henderson details her abuse from early childhood to mid-teens by her father, an ordained minister, and the therapeutic journey taken with Emerton, who provides professional commentary and context in italicized responses. With dignity and resolve, Henderson exhibits unflinching honesty, while still exuding her determination to "not write another 'poor, miserable me' book." Emerton’s wisdom provides a counterpoint to Henderson’s perplexity: “This book is really the story of Geri building that solid, true sense of self into the survivor she is.”

Healing From Incest is a documentation of two women’s creative approach to therapy and healing, one using her professional acumen and empathy, the other shining with her courage to endow others with her insights and determination.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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