Healing and Transformation: Moving From the Ordinary To The Extraordinary
by Eric Alsterberg, Ph.D.
ReadersMagnet, LLC

"Forgiveness is a cornerstone of the spiritual path and is an essential process in healing and transformation."

In this life, we spend so much of our energy trying to climb to the top to achieve material comfort and lofty goals that we often lose sight of the important opportunities for growth and human connection that are always present. In this book, Dr. Alsterberg draws on significant spiritual experience to outline the many ways that our egos get in the way of our being more complete people. Addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves, this book lays the groundwork for ascension to higher forms of existence as the entire planet prepares to make sweeping changes. Learning not to seek revenge, to balance both masculinity and femininity, and walk in the examples of great spiritual thinkers without indoctrinating oneself in their religions, the reader discovers how to live a healthier, happier life of actualized potential.

With references ranging from religious texts to motivational audiobooks, the author utilizes a wide array of inspirational sources and personal anecdotes to relay his understanding of the human experience simply and comfortably. Each chapter isolates a specific experience or phenomenon and how we tend to obsess about the physical challenges of that event while ignoring all the other aspects of ourselves going through the same thing. The tone of the text is encouraging and upbeat, acknowledging freely how we are not wired to simply live such big ideas, but never doubting for a second that anyone can be the idealized version of themselves, transcending well beyond the person they represent physically. Powerful yet practical, this book is a wonderful jumping-off point for self-growth and improvement despite any circumstances or challenges that already exist in one’s life.

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