Healing by His Spirit
by Geraldine D. Bryant
ReadersMagnet, LLC

"My interests bordered on writing and journalism. Like many girls, I dreamed of having a great career, falling in love, getting married and having children."

At age fourteen, the author spends most of her time inside, helping her mother. Eventually, in a horrific act of violence that forever changes her life, she is sexually assaulted by a forceful and controlling cab driver, Glen. The young protagonist decides to keep her baby (with much loving guidance from her mother), but Glen, in and out of jail, is a wild force. Showing up unannounced and very much unwelcome, demanding at times to be involved in young Janel's life, he continues over the years to assault, emboldened that he can seemingly get away with doing anything without consequences. A few years later, the author meets and falls in love with Daniel, the gentleman she believes she is meant to be with. But soon after their marriage together, he too begins to show his true colors, as he is horribly abusive to her, often beating her on the spot as he flies into a rampage over matters so trivial as dinner not meeting his specifications.

Bryant's book is a spirit-filled memoir, spanning many decades in a turbulent life. The author is to be commended for sharing so honestly her experiences with rape at a young age, as well as the misery of life in abusive relationships. Throughout it all, she keeps herself close to God, praying for his guidance and protection. She eventually does find love in a man who breaks the ugly pattern of violence and finds significance in her writing. The author does not sugarcoat her extreme experiences, and it is in that light that her heartfelt story resonates. Her trust in God and his ultimate plan for her life is never shaken from its core, and herein lays the strength of this spiritual memoir.

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