"A large part of the future of healthcare centers on the adoption of electronic health records. "

For some people the healthcare system could be something that is difficult to understand, Dr. John R. Patrick unravels the complexity of the American healthcare system in a way that is easier to understand. He addresses the theory that improving the healthcare system is a matter of attitude not money or even technology. Patrick has developed a strategy for healthcare reform which would include a greater focus on the patient while exploring the newest technology that could make a major difference in the field. He focuses on topics like cultural, attitudinal, technological barriers, pros and cons of Obamacare, high cost reasons, and the patient based movement that is already starting to happen today.

Dr. John R. Patrick addresses key issues that are facing the American healthcare system. He brings awareness to the issues facing us today and provides solutions to those problems. Patrick does a great job bringing the complexities of the American healthcare system to the general public. He makes everything easy to understand without a lot of medical or technical jargon. Patrick spares no expense with details. His thoughts and theories are well-organized and easy to follow rather than all over the place. He doesn't strictly include research, statistics, and analysis, he adds in his own personal experiences lending a personal quality to the book. He discusses both the pros and cons regarding the healthcare system and expands on the things that make the system good. When Patrick presents an idea, he continues to build upon it through the rest of the book. For example, he discusses electronic health records throughout the book and continues to build on the need for their use. Every person needs to understand healthcare, perhaps educating themselves on the ins and outs of the healthcare system. Patrick presents his findings in a manner that is simple and on level with the general public.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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