Hell in a Handbasket
by Timothy J. Amerine

"The rendezvous was far from over, but the trapper would soon be back to the mountains and the cold streams in hunt of the elusive flat tails that had brought them together."

What happens when you get a serious case of wanderlust? In the case of Billy White, you leave your life on the farm and head west. While his travels take him through many places, and he runs into many people of all walks of life, his lust for women is one thing that never wanes. Through the twists and turns, the marriages, and the lovers’ trysts, Billy finds himself on the journey of a lifetime. Will his passions lead him to where his heart leads him, or will he become furhter entangled in his troublesome lust?

In a novel that will be sure to make the faint-hearted blush, this novel is unlike a lot of others of its kind. Not falling quite solidly into adventure or romance, it dances across the line and offers the readers two for one, giving it a more complete story arc that isn’t just about one element versus the other. While quite lengthy, it allows the reader to see Billy grow from the young boy on the farm who knows nothing about the world to the man he becomes towards the end. Seeing his trials and tribulations as he eventually learns to balance his lust for women in his marriages to Rebecca, White Moon, and Ann and how he puts his “talents” to use in that department is intriguing. This book can satisfy those who need a good story for their fellow wanderlust souls as well as those who want something a little steamier to keep them up at night.

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