Henry's Dragon Dream
by Vroni Hovaguimian
Illustrated by: Barbara J. Liotta

"From high in the sky down we fly, henry smiles and shuts his eyes."

With the popularity of dragon-based video games, TV shows, and films, why not children's dragon literature? Henry's Dragon Dream is a beautiful literary adaptation of this trend. Narrated by the character dragon himself, the book has a unique voice as it allows readers to see kids' creativity from the perspective of a "creation." In the story, the dragon (creation) is a product of Henry's imagination (creator).

It is an established fact that creativity and imagination are abundant among kids. This explains the presence of a number of children's books that showcase the creativity of kids, also narrated from the perspective of kids. Hovaguimian's book belongs to this category. The author, however, makes a twist by veering from the usual creator-centrist perspective shared among books in this category. Hovaguimian allows readers to take a peek at a kid's creative exploit from an ingenious and imaginative narration of another character, the dragon.

Henry's Dragon Dream can be a convincing reference in preschool and elementary and for students of literature and art education. It is worth reading, worth discussing, and worth thinking about. It can be used to broaden and deepen students (school setting) and learners' (non-school setting) understanding of how stories from great myths and legends of the world impact daily stories of ordinary people. Additionally, the book's illustration is artistically done. From the title-page down to the last poetic verse, the illustration paints an excellent continuity in the storyline. The book is a light read. It keeps readers focused with the texts and their intents. It can also make them smile as they see Henry smiles in his sleep.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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