Herman Goes to School
by Harriet Cameron
Trafford Publishing

"We all like school a lot better this year because you are with us."

Herman Quacker is a duck that speaks like a human being and lives in Buckleberry Town. He attends school just like the kids of the town and does many of the same things they do. The kids have befriended him and find him quite funny at times as he struggles with his "duckiness" amongst a group of featherless, beakless elementary school children. He also has a friend in his teacher Miss Barton who invites him to her wedding and schools him on the traditions of cake eating, dancing, and bouquet throwing.

This is an adorable book that makes kids laugh aloud. The thought of a duck whose beak is stuck together from a peanut butter sandwich brings a smile at any age. Herman is as innocent as any child has ever been as he learns about new things and takes new adventures. A cross between If You Take a Mouse to School and Curious George, he is a lovable character that leaves kids wanting to hear more. He finds himself in funny situations as he tries to be human and learn about the world around him. He very often mimics the kids to no avail, leaving him with bumps and bruises and needing the assistance of the other kids. The hand drawn illustrations throughout only add to the charm! It really is a cute, quirky read that I look forward to sharing during an upcoming read aloud day for kindergarten.

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